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PF 2014 212.SQN

19.1.2014 21:14:42

Dear Colleagues, Airmen, Friends,

I would like to express many thanks for your cooperation with the 21st Tactical Air Base Čáslav, and especially the 212th Squadron during the 2013.
Either during Air Base Open day 2013 or during other occasions as was exercises Steadfast Jazz, Baltic Eye, AGOS and other squadron activities.
I hope for more opportunities to successfully cooperate either in the next year or the near future, either in some flying exercise or Open Day 2015.

There is a saying that Czech pilots use that I wish to share with you:
“Kolik vzletů, tolik přistání.” It means, “May you land as many times as you take off.”

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Best regards

Dubra & 212th Squadron

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